PGA Tour Caddie

App Design

Problem: The PGA tour has many people attending their events, but not enough information to accurately deliver an event that those people will enjoy to the fullest.

Solution: Create an digital experience that is geared towards "event"

Scope of Work: 4 Week Live Client Case Study

Research & Strategy

Part 1: Brand Audit & Interviews

Our team began our research by interviewing individuals who had attended past PGA Tour events & auditing the current PGA Tour app.

In our in person interviews we found a problem with navigation and figuring out just where a player might be that the user was interested in. Crowds and long lines also held out as a point of tension among the user base.

Our App audit concluded two key points:
      1) The app was bloated with too many things to navigate well
      2) The map, the most important part of the app for events, was buried deep behind several             clicks.

We knew these were the key problems we wanted to solve in our design, simplify navigation & rearrange navigation in our new app in order to create a better immediate user experience.


We did not want to remove information that may prove vital to a more enfranchised player, so we knew we would want to shift more granular data to a backseat location in the app design.


Our user research concluded with persona creation from all team members to come up with as many diverse use cases as we could.  

Part 2: Comparative App Audits

Our team's next focus was an audit of other apps that mirrored the experience we wanted to replicate for the PGA Tour user base.

Our initial audits were of other sports apps from the NFL and MLB. but what we found, quickly, was that these apps and the PGA tour app were the same in many regards.

It was then that we decided to transition focus to event and navigation apps, mainly the Disneyland app and music festival apps.


The mentality we began to approach was that the app should move away from being a sports app. Navigation was a central issue and the client mentioned many times that the PGA Tour was much more a weekend event than just a sporting event. We decided to lean into that

Introducing PGA Tour Caddie

PGA Tour Caddie is a navigation and event app designed to make attending a PGA Tour event as seamless as possible. In our design we refocused the app around navigation first, game data second.

Our key problem areas we maintained a focus on included:
     1) User on-boarding questions to gatherer more user data

     2) Notifcation pop-ups catered to user wants and needs

     3) special deals given to those who downloaded and utilized the app on course.

We wanted Caddie to be just as it's name implies, your right hand assistant to help you get on your best out of the PGA Tour experience.

Wireframing and Prototyping


we took our prototype and asked individuals who attended golf events and those who did not if our app was possible to navigate and understand. We wanted to make sure that the user on-boarding led to a seamless pop-up experience intended to introduce the user to things they wanted to see or do, from buying their next drink, to seeing their favorite golfer as soon as possible.

Users found the app navigable and loved the little moments of delight when a pop-up occurred.

When we turned the work over to the client they were very please with where we took the application and were excited to roll some of the features into future iterations of the current PGA Tour app.

This case study was a collaborative effort between Matthew Yakob (XD), Linda Kirova (XD), Caroline Jordan (CBM), Josh Brown (AD), Amrit Sahni (AD), Mary-Gray Johnson (Strategy), and myself.