PetSmart has had several problems over the last few years.


The In-store experience has become lackluster, uninspired, and boring. Employees come across less trustworthy and lacking the knowledge to help pet owners make the decisions for their pets.

Our group set out to rebrand PetSmart through store redesign and a branding update in order to appeal to the animal lover in all of us.

Tools + Skills

Product Design

Logo Design

Brand Strategy

3D Modeling

Cinema 4D

Adobe Illustrator

Laser Cutting

We began by creating a new ad campaign centered around the concept of the pet connoisseur, the idea that PetSmart will always give your pet the best.

After updating the Pet Smarts core values with our manifesto we turned to updating the brand guidelines for the company.

For the brand guidelines update we wanted a complete refresh that still held on to the identity of where PetSmart came from.


Now the brand name is written as Pet Smart in order to identity the value of both individually (and remove the confusion as to whether or not the company is still PetsMart).


We updated the font families as well, instead of the wavy sans serif font we implemented Rockwell Bold, which has just enough of that same playful nature in it's design. We paired the Rockwell with Garamond to solidify that elegance in the new branding.


For the color palette we muted the blue and kept the red in the same bright nature, adding and off-white to the branding and renaming the colors to more playful names.

We then turned out attention to employee uniform and their on-boarding to the new approach to Pet Smart.


With our new branded fanny packs, customized name tags, and a fun employee handbook, we knew employees would come across as more knowledgeable and have opportunities to show off their animal knowledge to customers.

After updating the brand we focused on implementing the new identity through visual updates to the physical store space.

Our goal was to create an open area that allowed customers to relax and enjoy their time with their friend.

Our core areas that we focused on were adding a central fountain to the store and creating a space to just take a load off, renovating the training area for customers to create a full experience, and updating the pet salon to give pets and owners a better experience.

We remodeled the space, researching the best way to layout the store to incentivize customers to shop longer.


By rebranding the areas from animal specific areas to more generalized zones, the intent was to model the store closer to a shopping experience found in Target or Macy's.

The Pet Training area was given more real estate in our design in order to allow for events to be hosted and to allow the pets in training more freedom to run around.

We then created 3D mock-ups of the Fountain and Grooming Areas to better show our vision to the client.

Our brand update and store redesign brings Pet Smart into a more relevant aesthetic and tightens up their identity to create a better shopping experience for their customer base.

With our redesign customers will only think of one brand when they think of the best place to shop for their four-legged, and often no-legged, friends.

This project was a collaborative effort with Jacob Steckmann (CBM), Ashley Devereux (CBM), Anna Kim (Strategy), Joshua Brown (Copy Writer), and Arthur Olivarez (Art Director). I was the Experience Designer for the group and created the Brand Strategy, Style Guideline, Store Layout, and 3D modeling.